Meet the team.

John MacMillan

Founder and CEO

John co-founded AyMa IOT, along with Tanvir, with the committed belief that there had to be easier ways than any that yet existed for organisations to reduce the negative environmental impact of their operations.

He brings spirited leadership to our team; combining his 20 years’ + experience in IT and Telecoms, his passion for environmental issues, and his deep insight in how to harness the ever-growing power of the Internet of Things to play an instrumental role in reducing carbon emissions.

Tanvir Ahmad

Chief Operating Officer

Tanvir co-founded AyMa IOT, along with John, our CEO. He brings proven and accomplished technology insight, vision, and innovation to further managing and developing AyMa IoT’s product and service offering. Tanvir focusses on helping businesses to understand where their carbon footprint originates, and how – by understanding the role and power of data – they can take positive steps to reduce it.

Tanvir is an IoT innovator, with over 25 years’ experience. Prior to AyMa IoT, in his role as Global Propositions and Product Manager for a Global Telecom Leader, he was instrumental in the development and launch of the organisation’s IoT portfolio; setting up dial-up internet services, managing business networks, and managing the copper and fibre broadband portfolio.              

Lesley Harrison

Head of Marketing

Lesley steers AyMa’s marketing strategy. By navigating the increasingly challenging world of connecting with organisations who can benefit from our IoT solutions, she identifies ever-smarter ways of making events happen; despite limitations in the world as we know it today.

With over 20 years’ experience in IT & telecoms, Lesley inspires the team with her sense of pragmatism and apparently easy grasp of making the impossible happen. It’s an ability that comes from doing precisely that for organisations such as Gartner, Marriott International, Vodafone, Motorola, Siemens, Cisco, JP Morgan and Pfizer.

Monika Ahmad

Customer Service Manager

Monika is mission control with a vengeance; making sure, every day, that no matter how many issues we’re juggling across the company, every one gets the attention it deserves and delivers the outcomes it requires.

She brings inestimable value to our processes and actions, based on the painstaking attention-to-details skills she acquired in her experience at the Department of Work and Pensions. Monika inspires us all, and delights our customers, through her ever-present passion for best-in-class customer service. Unfortunately, this means she takes most of the credit for most of what we do.

Azarius Borealis

Marketing Manager

Az is our go-to creative visionary, turning often complex technology propositions into concepts that promote easy understanding. He brings a broad range of influences to the task, having developed and consolidated his creative skills as a brand-influencer in the fashion industry. His output is broad and prodigious; in July 2018 he published his first science fiction novel, ‘Paper Snow’.

Working all day with people who are single-mindedly focussed on the intricacies of the IoT, Az provides an essential sense of balance; knowing how to translate the exclusive language of the techno-world into the clarity and simplicity of a business environment.

Mike Ladley

Head of Development

Mike takes care of the end-to-end functionality of AyMa software solutions and products. It’s his role to ensure that our technical innovation is always targeted at specific business goals to generate the smartest, fastest and most value-adding outcomes for the companies we serve. He provides a firm focus on quality and functionality, ease-of-use and extendibility of our solutions.

We turn to Mike to make sure everything we devise in the backroom dovetails perfectly with the real-life requirements of the frontline.

Sandy Gray
Head of Engineering

Sandy is an electrical engineer by training, and has been instrumental in developing the IoT sensors and equipment that make our IPSUM solution the power for good that it is. He is an energy efficiency expert with a pinpoint focus on realising the benefits of renewable energy and sustainability for our customers.

He oversees the continued development of our IoT solution from both a hands-on and a visionary perspective. Sandy also takes care of field services, installation, and creating bespoke modifications to how things work exactly as they should in each individual customer’s circumstances.

Dan O’Connor
Business Development Manager

Dan’s passion is to provide outcomes that make a resounding difference for our customers and partners when it comes to making having a positive impact on the problems we all face; in our environment, our places of work, and the wider spheres of everyday life affected by our actions.

Dan has spent the last 10 years immersed in making complex IT solutions come to life for organisations; harnessing the true value of software to help people do their jobs with less effort and more inspiration. He brings this spirit into practice for our customers, as an ambassador for simplicity in tackling the carbon footprint issues of the day.