esos ipsum- Is your business big enough to make a difference to climate change?

Is your business big enough to make a difference to climate change?

Waiting, to see what happens, is not an option

The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) has been pushed back from April to October. 

The question arises as to what a company should be doing between now and then. The event has been planned to be a real powerhouse of ideas and solutions around driving a sustainable business. Everyone together at what promises to be a defining moment; when organisations shift their sustainability plans and actions up a gear. 

The main reason AyMa IoT was keen to assume the role of lead sponsor for the event was because we are inspired by its mission: To bring organisations together to share ideas on the big issue not just of the day but of the age we are living in: The Age of Climate Change. We all share a responsibility to do what we can to halt it; not least in how flagrantly some organisations consume energy, invariably without even knowing it. Positive action is not an easy-to-grasp discipline. Some would ask if it’s even a necessary discipline when there are far greater culprits out there. 

Make a Difference Now

We can all think of who the big bullies are; big industry, the fossil fuel guzzlers, the faceless corporations. We all suspect and can quite easily Google our suspicions to have them confirmed, and see how much they are damaging the environment through their actions and operations, their looming monolithic legacy of dependency on fossil fuels, and even their apparent disregard for climate change. These bad boys are rapidly dwindling in number as investors vote with their cash or censure with their disapproval. We can less and less point the finger elsewhere. Increasingly, the big transgressors are being named and shamed; revealed, and fined. They are changing their ways. The question comes back to all of us. At what size of organisation or business would you consider the responsibility to start? Are some of us exempt from having to modify our behaviours? Can some of us relax, knowing that the effort will be put in by others? Ultimately, it depends on how much you think you have stake in this planet and its future. Bringing it closer to home, it depends on how much you value the goodwill built up in your business and how confident you are that you have enough of it to continue to pay no heed to your own carbon footprint.

Action is needed now by any company of any size, in any sector. Why not pinpoint the October event as a target date by which you will have made positive action to reduce your energy consumption and, along the way, reduce the running costs of your business at no cost to its efficiencies. Take a close look at how you use electricity, how you run your offices and your remote workforce, how much you take for granted on the basis that it doesn’t matter. It does, and it matters now. Let’s meet at the event and feel good about how far we progressed in just eight months. Let’s not wait that long to start making a difference now.

AyMa IoT want to help make a difference to the planet. We have created a connected device solution that brings the Internet of Things (IoT) into play. Through tiny sensors comes a huge understanding of what a company’s operations do in terms of carbon emissions. These sensors collect data and relay it back to a cloud software solution (called IPSUM) which then provides real-time insights and energy performance reports. We believe we are one of just a few technology companies in the UK dedicated to CO2 emissions reduction support for the modern energy-hungry business. AyMa IoT is also a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group.

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