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Ipsum enables organisations to connect global assets under one platform, to benefit from 360° visibility across their carbon efficiency; pinpointing anomalies and action areas as and when they arise.

"Take positive steps now to reduce your carbon footprint"

Harness the business value of your activity data

Every day, every organisation produces data. It’s not merely the by-product of your activities; it’s the key to managing them more effectively.

Data is also the language that regulators understand. It proves the size of your carbon footprint. In so doing, it can also prove the size of fines levied for non-compliance.

Far deeper than its value as a means of validation, is the beneficial impact that data has on driving better business outcomes. Yet data can be elusive, because it is potentially complex, far-flung throughout the organisation, and dynamic.

The ability to trust your data is critical. It is a function of how much you trust your ability to access it, gather it, and interpret it. IPSUM gives you these abilities.

Real-time visibility is essential

AyMa IoT’s software platform, IPSUM, brings all data together, putting you in control. This control follows a logical path through your activities, from end to end, addressing the fundamentals of operational, compliant, and transparent operations.

The logical control flow:

Understand activities at source

Modify activities

Increase efficiencies 

Reduce costs

IPSUM enables you to:

Comply with regulations

Improve efficiencies 

Reduce costs

See energy consumption in real-time

Track and reduce your carbon footprint

Move from manual reporting to advanced big data analytics

IPSUM provides a dashboard view through a secure client portal. Data can be visualised or downloaded in templated format.

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