Control your energy use

Reduce carbon footprint | Avoid energy waste | Reduce costs | Comply with regulations

AyMa IoT’s software platform, IPSUM enables you to monitor all your energy-use points through a single view, giving 360° visibility across your carbon efficiency; pinpointing anomalies and action areas when and where they arise.

Real-time visibility

IPSUM brings all data together, putting you in control. This control follows a logical path through your activities, from end to end, addressing the fundamentals of operational, compliant, and transparent operations.

The logical control flow

Understand The Activity Of Source

Modify the Activities

Increase Efficiency

Reduct Cost

IPSUM helps you to

  • Reduce costs across your supply and value chain

  • Minimise environmental impact through reductions in energy usage

  • Understand supply chain risks and move to greener sources/processes/products

  • Meet current and future legislation

  • Win government and public sector tenders by demonstrating green sustainable credentials

Download the IPSUM datasheet

If you’re looking for a way to gain faster traction with addressing sustainability in your business, or would like to know about simple and cost-effective monitoring and control of your energy consumption, get in touch: 01382 932966