As the world population rises, so does the demand for energy, but tackling climate change to help protect the environment is some thing every business can do no matter how large or small. Switching to a green tariff allows you to meet the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard where it can be matched to REGOs, allowing you to report zeroe missions for “Scope2” purchased electricity. “REGO” stands for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin and one is issued for each mega watt hour of renewable electricity generated. It is common knowledge that brown energy from fossil fuels has a detrimental impact on climate change, however not everyone knows of the other benefits for business who choose to go greener.

Report zero emissions
for Scope 2
purchased electricity

Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable goals.

Enhance your reputation with customers and other stakeholders.

Demonstrate best practice in your marketplace.

Green services we can provide to help your business:

100% Renewable Energy from a range of green suppliers.


Tailored solutions on how to
minimise your carbon footprint.