Pragmatic sustainability strategies

Now that you have easy access to energy data, with IPSUM – the cloud-based, data-driven carbon management and reporting solution from AyMa IoT – the next step is to exploit it.

We’re here to help you with building and employing effective strategies in your key priority areas, based on interpreting the insights your data delivers.

We will help you build a sustainability strategy you can put into operation; not merely a statement that seems to say the right things but has little practical value.
As a company we are passionate about helping the environment and reducing GHG emissions; it drives our commitment to delivering great outcomes for your business.
Our goal is always to achieve the ‘win-win’ scenario: Good for the environment, and beneficial for you.

Build a sustainability strategy unique to your business

Our focus is on what’s best for your business.
You, and the environmental friendliness of your business, come first.

There is no standard formula for the route you should take. Every engagement responds to the specific needs of our customers. Our consultants will take an overview of your operations and the extent to which they impact environmental issues. We will help you build a sustainability strategy to:
• Address specific compliance issues pertaining to your business
• Identify the lines of least resistance (what you can do now)
• Deliver the fastest and biggest wins…
For your business, your customers, your community, and the wider world.

Comply with regulations

Meet mandatory carbon reporting
(MCR) and Carbon Reduction
Commitments (CRC) legislation.

Enhance company image

Enhance corporate image and
reputation on environmental and
sustainability issues.

Demonstrate environmental

Show commitment to and
management of climate change
issues to investors and customers.

Charting your carbon neutrality journey

AyMa IoT consultants help you make sense of the data and make informed decisions on how to follow operational efficiency best practice. They combine sustainability implementation experience with detailed understand of where you can make the biggest differences to your overall carbon emissions, benefit from appropriate carbon credits schemes, and reduce costs.
Knowing where to make a real impact is where sustainability experts can help you chart your journey towards carbon neutrality – across the spectrum of energy use, carbon footprint reduction, responsible sourcing and procurement, and the circular economy.

Initiatives that may be included:

Carbon footprint reduction

Across your operations, office and/
or factories, your workforce and
your supply chain, the data will
have pinpointed where energy use
is excessive and can be moderated.
Alternative courses of action or
modes of operation exists. We will
identify the optimum approach and
recommend how to adopt it.

Carbon offsetting

Neutralising the global effect of
emissions that you cannot reduce
or eradicate, by optimising carbon

Circular economy

Driving sustainability across areas
such as waste to contribute to the
global recycling initiative.

Greener energy

Ending your dependence on fossil
fuels sources to turn wind/solar/


Buying from sustainable sources
and supporting deprived economies
not just for materials but also for
the machinery and processes your
business uses.

The AyMa IoT promise

Passion for the environment
AyMa IoT is an experienced team of passionate sustainability professionals dedicated to helping businesses reinvent how they relate to the biggest problems faced by our planet today.
We’ll help you to meet governmental, societal and behavioural demands; saving money along the way. We also work with a network of complementary organisations to provide the broadest possible range of consultancy expertise; from technology solutions to greener energy sourcing, cost reduction recycling, carbon offsetting and carbon footprint reduction.
We know that businesses need to control costs; our solutions are based on meeting such commercial objectives while driving efficiency in all areas of the business and, ultimately, doing the right thing. It’s what your customers and employees want, what your stakeholders and supply chain partners want.

Above all, it’s what the planet wants.
To fully understand the data from your IPSUM deployment, and take the next step on your carbon neutrality journey, get in touch.