AyMa IoT and Daisy Communications

AyMa IoT are delighted to partner with Daisy Communications to support their journey to Net Zero using IPSUM, AyMa’s Carbon Monitoring and Reporting Platform. IT Managed Services are a competitive market with intelligent buyers demanding social value from their potential suppliers. Daisy aspire to deliver sustainable and realistic commitments, adding value to commercial relationships by taking positive action to achieve the goal of a net zero supply chain for their IT services. IPSUM will allow Daisy Communications to introduce accurate, real time reporting on assets within the offices. The collection of this data is automated, analysed and presented back to key Daisy stakeholders to enable informed sustainability decisions and to help satisfy auditors and compliance requirements. Daisy Communications can then deliver a realistic sustainability strategy where improvements can be clearly evidenced, costs savings can be quantified, and ROI can be easily identified.

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Driving the Sustainability Advantage.

Want to do more for your clients? Sustainability and environmental responsibility are top agenda items for businesses everywhere. Yet many organisations need guidance on the practical steps to take. With AyMa IoT carbon footprint monitoring and management solution you can offer that guidance.

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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme – (ESOS)

Reporting: The responsible (and easy) way “If you qualify for ESOS, but your organisation is not fully covered by ISO 50001, you need to carry out an ESOS assessment. The assessment helps you work out what your organisation needs to do to comply with the ESOS regulations.”

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