FINDING NET ZERO What does Net Zero mean? Where is it? How do you get to it? Global net zero will never be achieved while large-scale negativity prevails. It can, however, be approached. As long as those who can, keep carbon reduction front of mind and central to behaviours and cultures, industries, businesses, infrastructures, supply […]



AyMa IoT has been designed to help industrial and commercial organisations with their greenhouse gas reporting. With AyMa IoT, all of the electricity your organisation uses will come with a zero emission rating. We will supply renewable energy backed by a ‘guarantee of origin’, certifying that your electricity has been generated exclusively through wind and […]



As the world population rises, so does the demand for energy, but tackling climate change to help protect the environment is some thing every business can do no matter how large or small. Switching to a green tariff allows you to meet the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard where it can be matched to REGOs, allowing […]

Pragmatic sustainability strategies

AyMa IoT

Pragmatic sustainability strategies Now that you have easy access to energy data, with IPSUM – the cloud-based, data-driven carbon management and reporting solution from AyMa IoT – the next step is to exploit it. We’re here to help you with building and employing effective strategies in your key priority areas, based on interpreting the insights […]

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Is the ‘Somebody Else Does It’ syndrome destroying our planet? We’ve been there, seen it and done it. Now it’s time to move on. Plastics had their use when the world population was growing rapidly and more products had to be made available to more people in more places at more times. It was an […]


Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme – (ESOS)

Reporting: The responsible (and easy) way “If you qualify for ESOS, but your organisation is not fully covered by ISO 50001, you need to carry out an ESOS assessment. The assessment helps you work out what your organisation needs to do to comply with the ESOS regulations.” GOV.UK The thing is, nobody said it was […]

AymaIOT Work from Home

Working From Home

Home is where the heart of the problem is It sounds so comforting, so inviting; “Working from Home”. What’s not to like? For many people, it means no commute, no more early mornings, and more quality time with the family. The enforced change of lifestyle creates a chance to strike, at last, that real balance between work […]

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Big sustainability issues keep on getting bigger

AyMa IoT are delighted to be headline sponsor at The Big Sustainability Expo 2021 There are eight months to go before the event where AyMa IoT are the headline sponsor, originally scheduled for April. The delay is regrettable but understandable in our COVID-ridden world. The pandemic is occupying everyone’s thoughts, impacting everyone’s lives, and […]

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Is your business big enough to make a difference to climate change?

Waiting, to see what happens, is not an option The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) has been pushed back from April to October.  The question arises as to what a company should be doing between now and then. The event has been planned to be a real powerhouse of ideas and solutions around driving a sustainable business. Everyone together at […]