esos ipsum- Big sustainability issues keep on getting bigger

Big sustainability issues keep on getting bigger

AyMa IoT are delighted to be headline sponsor at The Big Sustainability Expo 2021

There are eight months to go before the event where AyMa IoT are the headline sponsor, originally scheduled for April. The delay is regrettable but understandable in our COVID-ridden world. The pandemic is occupying everyone’s thoughts, impacting everyone’s lives, and kicking many concerns off the priority list; concerns that may otherwise have been receiving greater attention. As many organisations contend with operational challenges that few of us, if any, ever imagined we’d have to deal with in our lifetimes, it could be that climate change has receded in importance.
Collectively, we cannot afford to put the big issue on hold. Just because the timing of The Big Sustainability Expo has been pushed back due to COVID measures, doesn’t mean that the problem of climate change has become less threatening to our planet.

Invaluable forum

The evidence is everywhere, every day. As Sky News reports: “Future heatwaves in the UK could put the health of 12m at risk”. Floods have become a regular news topic. Temperatures are rising. Oceans are full of plastics. The event in October will provide an invaluable forum for delegates and solutions providers to meet and share ideas. This is important because the more we all acknowledge the dire urgency
of climate change problems, the more we can do, collectively, to address it.

Accepting responsibility is the first step. Understanding what others are doing is the next step. By doing this we can all gain insights, see successes, and get a firmer grasp of the role we can each play in making a meaningful apology and providing practical reparations and remediation for our planet.

Start planning now. Now is the time to start doing something because all around us, across the planet, it is becoming clearer every day that the result of doing nothing can be cataclysmic.

How can we help?

AyMa IoT is an independent technology driven organisation helping companies reduce carbon emissions to work towards a more sustainable business and drive efficiency throughout the supply
Let us help you by partnering with us to find out how we can track and measure your organisation’s Carbon Footprint via IoT sensors. View the data in real-time to measure, compare and reduce your carbon footprint via our IPSUM dashboard, a secure portal accessible 24/7/365.
Accurate and live data can be downloaded in a template format and readily available for you to submit your Government ESOS report without any manual data entry.

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