AyMa IoT Solutions are delighted to partner with Daisy Communications to support their journey to Net Zero using IPSUM, AyMa’s Carbon Monitoring and Reporting Platform.
IT Managed Services are a competitive market with intelligent buyers demanding social value from their potential suppliers. Daisy aspire to deliver sustainable and realistic commitments, adding value to commercial relationships by taking positive action to achieve the goal of a net zero supply chain for their IT services.
IPSUM will allow Daisy Communications to introduce accurate, real time reporting on assets within the offices. The collection of this data is automated, analysed and presented back to key Daisy stakeholders to enable informed sustainability decisions and to help satisfy auditors and compliance requirements. Daisy Communications can then deliver a realistic sustainability strategy where improvements can be clearly evidenced, costs savings can be quantified, and ROI can be easily identified.
Daisy Communications will also promote and re-sell the IPSUM Carbon management solution to their customer base, permitting their customers to benefit from its functionality and comply effortlessly with new carbon footprintreporting legislation.
Steve Wilkes, Procurement Director for Daisy Communications stated, We’re delighted to partner with AyMa IoT Solutions on our journey to carbon neutrality. “To make further carbon reductions within our business, we need to reduce waste and to do that we need to fully understand the carbon footprint of our entire business operations. The intelligent,
real-time, data provided by IPSUM will enable us to make informed decisions and track and report on their impact”.
After completing due diligence across various Carbon Footprint Management Solutions, we’re delighted to have
chosen IPSUM. The IoT sensors and intelligence programmed within IPSUM is industry leading and the automated
legislative reporting it seamlessly provides will truly support Daisy Communications and our customers on our world
changing journey to NetZero.

About AyMa IoT Solutions

AyMa IoT Solutions was set up to help businesses gain real-time insight into their carbon and energy use and to benefit from cost savings that arise by
understanding precisely what is happening in the business and where.
Through IoT connected sensors, AyMa’s solution IPSUM delivers real-time visibility of the energy and carbon usage status and optimum
attainable levels of energy usage across all the operations of a business. It helps businesses to make a difference by taking the local action they
can, to help address the global problem that’s relevant and pressing to all of us. IPSUM helps any business to move from manual reporting to
advanced data analytics that can drive decisions on how to do things better; how to help fight climate change and how to visibly reduce an
organisations Carbon Footprint and become compliant with automated legislative reporting


About Daisy Communication

Daisy Communication is one of the UK’s largest independent providers of voice, connectivity, mobile, phone system and cloud services.
one of the UK’s largest independent providers of voice, connectivity, mobile, phone systems and cloud services. We help c. 88,000 customers –
businesses of all sizes and across almost every sector – connect better with their customers, suppliers and teams. We combine straightforward
solutions, including fibre broadband, mobile tariffs and phone systems, with friendly, helpful people to support businesses with their
communications needs, now and as they grow. As an independent provider, we work with all of the major telecommunications networks and
suppliers, meaning we’ll always get the best deal in the market for our customers.