Our Mission

AyMa IoT is a technology company dedicated to making carbon footprint control and energy management easy. We look at compliance not as a burden to business, but as a route to greater efficiencies, and a leverage for saving money. Our experience of working with compliance frameworks drives our understanding of how to assimilate them within the business to meet governmental, societal and behavioral demands; saving money along the way. We’re deep in the fight against carbon emissions. Our goal is to help support customers in real-time monitoring of energy consumption with the prime objective of reducing carbon emissions, demonstrating the success of their actions through automated regulatory reporting.

Our Focus

AyMa IoT was set up to help businesses gain real-time insight into their carbon and energy use and to benefit from the costs savings that arise by understanding precisely what is happening in the business, where. Through IoT connected sensors, our solution delivers real-time visibility of the energy usage status and optimum attainable levels of energy usage across all the operations of a business. It helps businesses to make a difference by taking the local action they can, to help address the global problem that’s relevant and pressing to all of us.


We’ll help you to meet governmental, societal and behavioral demands; saving money along the way. We also work with partners to provide the broadest possible range of consultancy expertise; from technology solutions to greener energy sourcing, cost reduction recycling, carbon offsetting and carbon footprint reduction. We know that businesses need to control costs; our solutions are based on meeting such commercial objectives while driving efficiency in all areas of the business and, ultimately, doing the right thing. It’s what your customers and employees want, what your stakeholders and supply chain partners want. It’s what our planet needs.