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"Helping Businesses Protect Our Common Future Using The Power Of IoT."

We provide solutions to help organisations understand, manage and reduce their carbon footprint and move towards Net Zero

Energy and Carbon management, visibility and control from AyMa IoT.

AyMa IoT provides the means to gain the real-time visibility any organisation depends on to understand, measure, monitor, and manage its carbon footprint by providing robust data for statutory reporting via our IPSUM Carbon Management Platform.

We enable you to gain a panoramic view across locations and activities, energy usage trends, and opportunities for simply doing things more effectively, efficiently, responsibly, and demonstrably.

What’s more, our solutions help you operate more efficiently, and reduce costs along the way and move you in the right direction towards Net Zero.
- AyMa IoT - Helping business protect our common future


IPSUM Carbon Management Platform, is our cloud-based, data-driven carbon management system which extracts data from our small IoT devices (sensors) and your existing management systems to analyse and present it in a single view.


Gain insight across your organisation, anywhere that energy or water is used. Drive focus and effort, embrace responsibility within your company culture, and satisfy the demands and scrutiny of regulatory bodies and stakeholders.  


The information is reported in an easily understood graphic-rich fashion, to inform and drive critical decision-making. Reporting can be extracted to a regulative template such as ESOS, ESG and SECR or can be programmed to meet your specific needs.


The cloud-based, data-driven carbon management and reporting solution.

ipsum esos- AyMa IoT - Helping business protect our common future

"Together, we can help shape a better future."

- AyMa IoT - Helping business protect our common future

AyMa IoT are proud to be members of the SME Climate Hub and are committed to carbon neutrality by 2030.